What is Entertainment?


Entertainment is a broad term for anything that amuses or delights an audience. It can be as simple as telling a funny story to friends or watching a film. It can also be as complex as writing a play or performing on stage for thousands of people. Entertainment is something that everyone needs in their lives to keep them happy and feeling good.

Some of the most famous examples of entertainment are novels like Scheherazade, a story in the Persian professional storytelling tradition about a woman who saves her life by telling stories. This story has been adapted into a variety of different media including music, film and video games.

Another popular form of entertainment is sports. Whether it is discussing the next big game, the best teams or the latest scandal involving a celebrity sports is a great way to entertain people. There are also many different types of apps that can be entertaining as well. If you know of a new app that is fun then sharing it with your readers can be a great idea for an article.