Gambling Terminology – What You Need to Know About Wild Cards and Non-Value Chips

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You may have heard the terms Wild cards and Non-value chips. But do you know what they mean? Read on to learn more. Here are some other terms that can help you understand the different gambling games. You might also come across terms such as Pay tables and RNGs. Once you understand these terms, you can better enjoy your gambling experience. This article will give you a good foundation on how to talk about RNGs in gambling.

Wild cards

Using wild cards in gambling games can help you increase your winnings significantly. These cards are randomly placed and can boost your hand value beyond its usual value. However, some players consider these cards as impure and feel that their use can make the game more random. Wild cards are sometimes necessary for a game to increase its variance, and they can be particularly helpful for games such as five-card draw, which traditionally used a joker (known as a bug) in California. The use of wild cards also makes some games, like seven-card stud, more interesting than traditional poker.

Non-value chips

A non-value chip is a type of gaming chip that has no predetermined value. Instead, their value is based on the amount of money a player has bought into the game, such as $20 USD for a 20-to-40 no-limit poker game. Non-value chips are commonly used in smaller gambling venues or at home, where they are not redeemed for actual cash. Here’s how they work: Players place a bet, either an ante or a wager, and the dealer issues them each a specific color of chips. The dealer will then assign a value to each chip based on the wishes of the players.

Pay tables

In many different types of gambling games, pay tables are crucial to winning. They show you what you stand to win when you have a certain combination of symbols on the reels. A successful slot player uses a pay table to determine when to bet. In addition, they are also useful for learning more about free bonuses, which may be available on the machines you play. In fact, pay tables are the best place to start when learning a new slot machine.


Random number generators (RNGs) are a key element of casino games. They determine which combinations of symbols will be paid out. They are also used in online casinos. An online casino doesn’t use a physical deck of cards to deal the cards, so the software calls upon an RNG to determine the next card to be dealt. RNGs are important because they mimic the randomness of land-based casino games.

Maximum bet

Most casual gamblers play for low stakes, such as $0.50 or $1 per spin, so the maximum bet limit is not of much concern. However, some players might have high stakes, and may have to play through bonus funds to achieve their goal of winning the jackpot. In these cases, the maximum bet limit may come in handy. It is a good idea to check the maximum bet rule before making a bet.