Legislative Process – What Makes Law New?

Law new

Every piece of legislation starts with an idea. The ideas can come from many different sources, including a senator’s constituents or from a request from one of our State agencies. Once the idea is settled on, it must be drafted into bill form. This is a very detailed process that involves a great deal of legal training. This is done by the staff of the legislative drafting commission, or sometimes an interest group may hire their own lawyers to draft bills for them.

Once a bill is drafted, it can be sent to the other houses of the Legislature for consideration. Each house must vote on whether to pass the bill. If passed, the bill is sent back to the Governor who must either sign it or veto it. If he signs it, the bill becomes law; if he vetoes it, the bill dies. However, if two-thirds of the members of each house vote to override the Governor’s veto, the bill becomes law.

This bill would require City agencies to promptly notify persons whose private identifying information is disclosed after a data breach. It also makes other changes to the City’s data breach notification laws. Read the bill.