M-CIRCC Center for Integrative Research in Critical Care

center for integrative research in critical care


The mission of the PRIMER Center for Integrative Research in the ICU is to improve the quality of care for critically ill patients through research and evidence-based practice. The center is home to a multidisciplinary team of researchers, including 14 full-time investigators and eight support staff. The program’s researchers work to understand multiple etiologies of critical illness and develop new approaches to improve patient safety and care.

The Center for Integrative Research in Critical Care was established in 2013 at the University of Michigan to address critical care challenges. The Institute is a center of excellence dedicated to the development of new therapies and technologies for the critically ill. It brings together medical and basic science expertise, as well as clinical trials and commercialization coaching. Its mission is to improve the quality of care and outcomes for patients with critical illness and their families.


A new $10 million gift will help Michigan Medicine expand its research in critical care and related fields. It will also help rename the critical care institute after Max Harry Weil, M.D., who is widely considered the father of critical care medicine. The Weil Institute will be a hub of critical care research focusing on basic, clinical, information, and engineering sciences.

The M-CIRCC has brought together a team of researchers, scientists, engineers, and clinicians who work together to develop innovative critical care therapies. Their goal is to identify new ways to improve treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of critical illness. To support their research, MCIRCC offers essential research support services, including a Clinical Research Unit that facilitates patient engagement and data collection.


The M-CIRCC Center for Integrative Research in Critical Care brings together experts from many disciplines to tackle a wide range of critical care challenges. Its research team includes Drs. Neumar, Younger, and Ward, who are part of the Department of Emergency Medicine. Another team, led by Dr. Hasan Alam, is based in the Department of Surgery and has a substantial trauma research program. The Center will also house a Data Science Team, which collects physiological waveform data from critical care patient beds for research and clinical use.

The M-CIRCC Center for Integrative Research in Critical Care is a multidisciplinary research organization that brings together scientists, physicians, and engineers from a variety of fields. These experts work collaboratively to advance medical care and help patients live better, longer lives.