New Issues in the Law

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‘New and improved’ is the new black in the legal arena. Lawyers are retooling for the digital age, using new technology and processes to deliver cost-effective, innovative solutions to clients’ non-regulated legal needs. The industry is luring in lawyers looking for creative employment opportunities.

Innovation in the legal arena means a new way of doing things and a corresponding new business model. One example is UnitedLex, a startup aimed at rebadging hundreds of lawyers from global tech behemoth DXC. This innovation was a good thing for lawyers and clients alike. The company’s business model is to leverage the best of the best lawyers and legal services to provide a comprehensive range of legal services for their clients.

The name of the game is to ensure that your company satisfies its customers’ legal needs and mitigates its risks. This is a good thing for clients, lawyers and law firms alike. The best way to go about it is to implement a robust quality assurance program to ensure that all legal services meet clients’ standards.

It also helps to have a burgeoning legal community and a supportive government. These are factors that should be considered when deciding where to spend your legal education dollar. The USF School of Law is on the map in Florida, with a growing student population and a faculty full of smart, savvy and creative lawyers. The school has also stepped up its game with a slew of new fangled features, including a YouTube channel where faculty and students can participate in a number of webinars. The school is also adding a graduate tax program to its offerings, allowing attorneys to hone their skills in tax law. The school also has the country’s top-ranked law review. The school is also home to the New Children’s Law Training Center, directed by Prof. Josh Gupta-Kagan.