New Laws

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New York lawmakers are making a big change to the way that victims of crime are eligible for victim compensation funds. The state is also making it easier to get affordable housing, and a few changes to water and security are also taking effect.

A new law is a rule or regulation that is officially created and approved by Congress or another legislative body. Whether it’s a law that protects victims of crime or makes it easier to get a job, a new law is a major milestone for any society.

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This bill requires City agencies to disclose the private identifying information of any persons who have suffered a data breach if the agency reasonably believes that the information was accessed, disclosed or used by an unauthorized person. It would also make certain definitions in the City’s privacy laws more consistent with State law.

In the aftermath of the 2024 shooting, the New York City Council is increasing protections for college students from hate crimes and bias-related incidents. The law will provide additional resources for students and schools, including training for school staff.

The Governor is taking on big oil by giving the California Energy Commission more authority to penalize refineries that try to fleece Californians at the pump. The law also creates an independent state watchdog to investigate market or price manipulation.

Local governments are getting more help in combatting the opioid epidemic with new legislation that will increase the number of drug testing sites. The law, called “Matthew’s Law,” is named after Matthew Horan, who died of a drug overdose in 2020. The law will allow pharmacists and health care providers to give out fentanyl and other drug adulterant test kits. It will also expand eligibility for the State’s drug abuse prevention program. The law takes effect in July.