The Weil Institute for Integrative Research in Critical Care

center for integrative research in critical care

The Weil Institute, formerly known as MCIRCC, is part of the University of Michigan and is transforming critical care through groundbreaking research. Through big data analytics, specialized funding sources, and a tailored commercialization pathway plan, the Weil Institute aims to improve patient care and enhance the quality of life for patients. In addition to their cutting-edge research, the Weil Institute is fostering new ideas and collaborations that will change the future of medicine.


The Michigan Center for Integrative Research in Critical Care, or MCIRCC, is an interdisciplinary research group that unites clinicians, scientists, engineers, and industry partners to develop and conduct new studies in the field of critical care. The center also offers support for the development of research proposals and big data resources. Its mission is to improve the quality of patient care and reduce the costs associated with critical illness.


Using a question and answer format, “Primary Care in VA” is a useful introduction to the field of primary care. Although it is not an exhaustive text on the topic, it offers a list of in-depth reference materials. The book is intended for VA hospital and health-care system managers. It provides an overview of the field and the most important elements of primary care. Its authors also discuss the role of critical care in VA health care systems.

Division of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

The Division of Pediatrics at the Center for Integrative Research in the Critical and Vascular Sciences seeks a dynamic, innovative, and accomplished physician to lead its division. This pediatric critical care unit has over eighty full-time pediatric critical care physicians. The division also oversees a 24-bed pediatric inpatient enterprise and has a highly specialized transport team and sedation services. The division is also actively involved in clinical research and is the home of a nationally recognized pediatric intensive care fellowship training program.

Grand Challenge competition

The Grand Challenge competition for the center for integrative research in critical care is an annual effort to raise funds for high-impact, milestone-driven research. Past Grand Challenge competitions have focused on traumatic brain injury and sepsis, but in 2019, the focus will expand to pediatric critical care and cardiac arrest. To submit a proposal, you must identify and describe all of the project teams that comprise the project.

Partnerships with UAB

The UAB School of Nursing was founded in 1950 and has long focused on community health and creating the next generation of nursing leaders. During its first decade, the school established a Center for Global Nursing, a collaboration with the World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization. In 2005, it added an Office of Clinical and Global Partnerships to its mission and accelerated its international focus. Today, the school is committed to global health and the development of innovative models of care.